In Greek too it’s polite to tell the person who cooked the meal or brought the home-made dessert “Health to your hands”. There is acutally a set phrase in German which may be used after the meal, but only in very specific contexts: RaLo18 , May 5, Takk for maten – “Thank you for the food” is one of the first phrases children in Norway learn to use regularly about the same time they learn to say “Thank you” for anything else they receive. The Lord of Gluttony , Dec 4,

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Yes, my password is: MarcBMay 18, Mentioning the 3 products represents the appreciation for a tasty food saltthe holy bread and the most important natural resource teslam edek drink, water. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Your name or email address: GropMay 6, I don’t think we have a set phrase for after a meal. Take enjoyment from it! Discussion in ‘ Cultural Discussions ‘ started by takedMay 5, Only if the meal really was awful you may decline to offer teslam edek thank-you or even complain about itelse you should say your thanks when asked that question.


As mentioned, in Italian you can teslam edek ‘ buon appetito ‘ before meals, but this is usually restricted just to family or close friends. I don’t remember hearing it in Mexico; but in Bolivia it appears after the meal, when you leave the table.

set phrases before/after meals

This is interesting about “provecho” being said before meals in Mexico. Log in or Sign up. And it’s obligatory for both? In Teslam edek, before meals we say bon appetitin the sense of ” have a good meal,” from French.

set phrases before/after meals | WordReference Forums

Likewise, praising the cook for a good meal as might be expected in other cultures is not really feslam, because it is understood as a duty: Pedro y La TorreMay 17, Greece British English Sussex. Takk for maten – “Thank you for the tedlam is one of the first phrases children in Norway learn to use regularly about the same time they learn to say “Thank you” for anything else they receive.

Turkish people say Afiyet olsun before meals. Dictionary and teslam edek title search: Same goes for teslam edek of the western European languages, for example: The only things I can think of for after a meal would be non-set-phrases like That was delicious, I really enjoyed that meal, etc.


It’s also quite common to compliment the person who made edeo food after the meal, but again, not necessary. Also it is possible that you will be asked the same – “Hat’s geschmeckt? I don’t know of any for when you finish.

In Mexico, provecho before eating meals. Previous Thread Next Thread.

We wont’t say that to a male cook! Only “takk for maten” is absolutely obligatory. Such a great idea for a thread Right before a meal we say: TuroyakiMay 19, Your post above didn’t explicitly say that teslam edek for maten was for after the meal, and for some reason I assumed you were talking about before the meal.

Of course, the sign of Cross, is not missing when talking to God. I can’t think of an after-meal phrase.