Once you choose your folder, then you choose your icon. Thanks for the comment. Both of these locations are great sources for wallpapers as well. For example, if you almost definitely hide the task bar, where are you going to get your notifications dropbox and the works , your clock and calendar, battery life and others. The manual installation is a bit more complicated. I’m still waiting for the integration to be a true success.

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Read our privacy policy. Deciding to remove an app should not cause issues. You don’t want winows compromise your article comprised of excellent ideas. The Programs folder contains programs properly alphabetically sorted!

Its handy and pretty. Oh yeah also when I re add them rocketdock just locks up. If you prefer to use a certain display style you can specify this in the Options window that also allows you to change the font and the text size. You could say that Stacks Docklet has been around as long as the docks themselves, so there have been a few different locations online where it has been available for download.

When you click its icon the included files and folders pop up on your desktop stack docklet for rocketdock windows 7 you can easily click one in order to open it.

If there are too many files to be displayed as a fan, stack docklet for rocketdock windows 7 files are organized in a grid. That brings me to one last point — organize. Just download the file and launch it, then follow the prompt pictured below to install it into RocketDock.


Reviewers should go thru the uninstall process and comment and observe on that too rather than just all the shiny toy bits. Now depending on what version you are using, the window will look different. Scroll down for the next article. So I put Documents, Downloads and Programs folders on the desktop.

They were opening fine yesterday till I turn on my computer this morning and they quit working? Plus its fantastic watching them pop up in all of their colours when I boot up the PC. Software Stack Docklet for 64 bit program shortcuts? The docklet can be configured to display the content of any folder from your computer.

Overall, the Stacks Docklet is an alternative for the users that prefer the RocketDock navigation instead of the classical Windows Explorer. If you want the stack to display shortcuts to your apps, such as Microsoft Office, Windows apps or any others, I recommend creating a folder and then creating folders within that one for each stack that you want to have. RocketDock has been one of the best choices for a Mac-like dock in Windows for years. Read Moreas well. To select the folder and the thumbnail you need to customize the icon settings.

However, in the end, I’ve never felt that Rocket Dock and the default task bar can happily live one with the other. For example, if you almost definitely hide the task bar, where are you going to get your notifications dropbox and the worksfro clock and calendar, battery life and others. I’ve done a lot with it. In order to use the add-in you need to unzip the archive and copy the files to the Docklets folder from the RocketDock installation folder.


It is worth to dockleh it a try.

Rocketdock and Stacks Docklet – Windows 7 Help Forums

There are a lot of features though that I like to add and remove to improve it. This also makes backups much easier, although I still back up the default Documents and Downloads folders. The extension works with the RocketDock application and can be added on the dock in order to enhance its navigation capabilities. I’ve made it extravagant, made it a little bit more simple and clean Rocketdock and Stacks Docklet Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with stacks docklet shortcuts not opening.

Now that you have Stacks Docklet installed, all you have to do is right click on the dock, go to Add Item and select Stacks Docklet. Do you use RocketDock?