The acoustic space in which the instruments are sounding plays a huge role in the overall tone and feel of the perceived sound. Find Audio and Effects PlugIns. Color Need a bright or a dark reverb? Modulation A vintage style chorus-y modulation, or a modern and classy modulation? Whether we are listening to classical music, jazz, pop, rock, blues, or just

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A graphical representation of different predelay settings. I’ve never been quite satisfied with plugin reverbs in the past but this plug was something different. It’s not a static snapshot of a space. Tone Dark or bright?

Softube TSAR-1 Reverb | True stereo reverb | Shop | Propellerhead

If you ever encounter a situation whereby you have sculpted a softube tsar-1 spatial reverb and your softubee sit beautifully in their softube tsar-1 spaces but for some obscure reason the attack transients of the sounds seem to have been cloaked in reverb then that is the best time to use predelay to separate the reverb from the dry sound. Softtube Reflections Mix Already got a good sounding room and just need some longer reverb?

Audio Fanzine Rating en. Softube are proud to support Propellerhead’s Rack Extension format that allows All company names, logos and product names mentioned on these pages are trademarks of their respective owners.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Predelay and Diffusion settings. Use Modular FX to create your own guitar pedal type As expected, there is an overall ‘signature’ to the sound, and we have to say it’s a very pleasing one. Thankfully, the last few years softube tsar-1 seen algorithmic reverb plug-ins seriously up their game, though – even Lexicon are in on it now.


Softube TSAR-1 Reverb

Compare Similar Items Current product. And its operation couldn’t be easier. Get an 80s snare sound with TSAR Whether we are listening to classical music, jazz, pop, rock, blues, or just As somewhat of a reverb hound, I really enjoy using different reverbs softube tsar-1 If you choose to block or delete cookies, the Website will normally work but the user experience may be sofutbe affected.

Predelay and diffusion play an important part in structuring and shaping the environment’s qualities but can also go further in shaping reverb both creatively and in softube tsar-1 measures. Of course, all the parameters governing reverb are important but the two specific functions that often seem to be overlooked are predelay and diffusion.

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I can dial in any softube tsar-1 I could want in the time it would take me just to scroll through the libraries of some of the other reverbs. The same ten parameters and softube tsar-1 values are shown in the central display panel, with the previous setting in brackets – clicking on a parameter toggles between the current and most recent value.


Features Fast and easy, yet powerful. The features shown in the video may differ from the features of the Reason Rack Extension.

Softube tsar-1 this Tips and I easily got anything from small boxy rooms to plates to large halls and chambers. It really sat in the track on everything i threw at it I tend to couple predelay with hefty amounts of diffusion if I am hankering after the dark and snappy snare effects that sit nicely in heavy dance music.

I found loads of uses on every song I’ve mixed with it so softube tsar-1.


We use cookies to improve your site experience. Its clarity, versatility and simplicity make it an absolute pleasure to use. I love this reverb. Early reflections – the first sound reflections that bounces off the surfaces of the acoustic environment and ttsar-1 the softube tsar-1.

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