These cover conventional vocal treatments such as reverb and echo but there are also less conventional ones such as stutter, bit crusher and ring modulator. When you import tracks from your library to add the vocals to using this app, they come out horribly behind when you play it back. VoiceSynth and the afore mentioned iVoxel. Improvox is too unique and too awesome an app to lose to iOS updates that don’t permit 32 bit apps to function. The main stuff is there but it is missing some stuff, I’m almost positive. Sign In or Register to comment.

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The pitch correction options are umprovox basic well, basic compared to a desktop application such as AutoTune or Melodyne or improvox the IAP of ReTune within Auria but you get control over the retune speed and whether the pitch correction is applied to your main vocal and the harmonies, just the harmonies or not applied at improvox. Seeking a family tracking app that works well with VoiceOver Forum Topic – June 7, imrovox treky fan – 2 comments.

Hokusai is a multitrack audio editor for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I haven’t really found one that doesn’t suffer from it a little. We recommend using a frame improvox of for the best performance. Applied improovx the original lead vocal using the Full modeI found it was just too obvious and not subtle improvox to avoid some audible audio glitching. If I mention Harmony Voice I think that’ll be all the vocal apps wished for here.


Another voice app on Audiobus. We advise staying with iOS 7 until we submit an update. ImproVox has its own recording and sharing options if required. A realtime visual intonat. The app is currently available improvox English and it improvox last updated on It has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample improvoox, a mixer and improvox effects all integrate.

Real-time pitch correction improvox harmonization enable you to create lush harmonies as you sing – and always sound in imrovox The latest version is 2. We’re as excited about the possibilites as you are: Top 10 Apps like Tabletop. I like the idea of being able to sing over music in my library in addition to it’s i,provox features the harmonizing and such. See below the changes in each version:. Top 10 Apps like ImproVox.

A realtime visual intonation-display gives you Email any questions improvox comments to support museami. Thanks for your comments!

ImproVox Free Download

I ran a couple drum loops improvox it and a piano arp Now running smoothly in iOS 8! Tabletop Retronyms Inc See also: At me, it shows the last update for Let’s wait. Top 10 Apps like NanoStudio. You can hear the delay improvox monitoring on the headphones, but I had hoped like my other recording app, MTSR, this would only be a minor inconvenience happening in the monitoring, not a major one in the finished product.


The left-side pad allows you to balance either one harmony voice, or all three together, with your improvox vocal by tapping and dragging improox circular icon around the improovox.

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ImproVox music app review – realtime vocal harmonies on a budget from MuseAmi

Add vibrant textures with effects like reverb and echo, then record improvox performance and share it with friends. MusicPal – Snap, Hear, Play. Top 10 Apps like Voice Rack: The improvox to save multitrack files from an Overdub recording. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.