Write in a username and password for this access in IAN the standard – root and pick. I can make it very far Any one else had the same problem? Posted by bigantmo 1 year ago Oct Why is firmware spelled firware? The phone is completely locked down, it was working previously. Posted by daiduongpham 1 year ago Oct

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I ibricckr able to successfully jailbreak, and unlock the iPhone. I saw a tutorial that was claiming this is how you put youtube to work inrickr when i was reading it ibrickr v0.91 seemed ibrickr v0.91 all it was doing was unlocking the phone is there a way to just focus on making youtube work?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Everything is fine except I cant get any sounds when I use the ipod not through the iphone or through a headset.

All this from here: I tried to use iBrickr but it canot connect, i even try this trick on not activated phones but any doesnt work. Posted in V0.19 Tags: Archives December February November October ibrickr v0.91 Can anyone send me a working iBrickr v8.

Then i uptdate my iphone to the 1. I tried Itunes 7. Posted by daiduongpham 1 year ago Oct After reading a couple of hours i didn’t find a solution about that. It works but I’ve to keep it pressed for like seconds at a stretch.


Would you be able to help me set up my iphone to work in Canada. See this guide help me ibrickr v0.91 lot: You guys are awesome. Ok I just received my iphone. I used the ibrick 0.

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Posted by jylouie 1 year ago Oct I think the iPhone is stucked there because i can’t restart it nor turn it off. If you can reset springboard through ibrickr when you install an app, you can upload or download files through the ibrickr v0.91 cable, could ibrickr execute a file inside iphone system files and then download automatically the image screenshot as it does with the other downloads?

And if Ibrickr v0.91 do it that way will I be able to make calls? If I understand ibricjr the phone won’t ibickr with that hack.

Im posting this message from my iphone wifi access, just waiting to change my simcard. Ibrickr v0.91 in a username and password for this access in IAN the standard – root and pick. I think if we find a hack to down grade the firware from 4.


I am receiving my iphone on Tuesday and want to unlock it. Posted by natetrue 1 year ago Oct So, for example, if I opened “calculator” application or let’s say I ibtickr to “iPod” mode and then I pressed “home” button to get back to the home page, it wouldn’t go back.

Or if it will simply wipe the memory ibrickr v0.91 do a normal Restore? If I use I bricker ihrickr downgrade it I can’t use the phone part of the program?

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That particular computer will no longer acknowledge iPhone in recovery mode outside of iTunes. Thank you in advanced I very much appreciate it: It took a lot of work to get ibrickr v0.91, but eventualy, I thought I had gotten everything. The apps have been tested and are working fine. Initially restart your computer, plug the iPhone into the USB on a computer in which iTunes is installed.