Like hurt someone she loves. Bhuvi Sehag I would recommend reading Starters before as it gives more depth on the characters, but it isn’t necessary. C I am surprised that the paper version in Spanish does not ship to Chile. Hi Lissa, fan from the UK here. It was amazing hyden and callie are adorable and the whole book in general was amazing and well thought out! I am seriously a big fan now. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Bello, ricco d’azione, e adoro la protagonista Callie.


Like any sequel lisssa book explains anything you need to know from the last one. Congrats on your medal for the book. Now I sit here writing you because after locking myself away today I finished Enders in 4 hours. It was awarded the its Eselsohr ptice Best YA Book inselected enders lissa price a jury of teens in Germany, and was chosen as a top ten favorite book of by both French and German readers.

Review: Enders by Lissa Price – The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh!

Si inizia tutto con l’azione, rapimenti, colpi di scena sconcertanti, e rivelazioni da lasciare a bocca aperta. Die Handlung um den Old Man und den Chip wird lisxa weiterentwickelt und ich fand dies sehr spannend.

Sounds like I would love reviews from you and your friend! You are a great writer, Lissa. Stop reading these reviews and go to Amazon, NOW! It’s really upsetting that I don’t have any more Starters books to look forward to in the future, but I am extremely confident that Price’s follow-up to Enders will be amazing.


I am really looking forward to enders lissa price more of your work, regardless of it beeing a third in the series or a new story. I am very excited about my new project, but I do plan to write a third book enders lissa price the Starters series.

What i liked about this bookis that it has so many emotionsthat it can make me sad and happy in the same time. I found this book predictable and boring. Maybe it was because of the mood I was in, I was watching one of Katytastic’s videos and she explained how she might not be able to enjoy a book as much if she isn’t in the right mood or comfortable. Having the chip removed could save her lifeā€”but it could also silence the voice in her head that might belong to her father.

The so called twists to the plotline had me rolling my eyes. The fact that I was better able to connect with the characters in this sequel was also helpful, and I found that I liked Callie enders lissa price more this time around. And the romance too, since they are intertwined.

LibrisNotes: Enders by Lissa Price

Piccoli spezzoni che mi sono piaciuti molto: I have fear of what will happen, I do not want anything to happen to Tyler, you may already have everything liesa need, but it means to be safe, I want to meet her parents. I will post about that shortly. This new Blake is pretty much a shallow teenage idiot, and he seems pushy and uninteresting.


If enough fans let Random House UK know, that could happen. It’s difficult to enjoy a dystopia world when you can barely believe the foundation and fundamentals surrounding it. Enders lissa price I think the Old Man is even creepier in this book, I didn’t even think this was possible.

Be sure to see the instructions on my site here.

This, again, is a testament to how mature the book is. Enders was definitely worth the wait and I really was blown ptice the shocking conclusion! Thank you so much!

I recommended it to my other friend and she loved it too: Enders lissa price cheered with her but also felt sad for her. Every new plot element in Enders had me wondering why the author chose to go in that direction. Your English is great! I have no date on Enders in Spanish. Mar 03, Luz rated it liked it.