D i mean, i understood is about criminals because of the video, finnally i have some clarifications about it I just like how the lenguage sound and the beat! That said I’m still a huge fan: And also,the song you hear at beginning is actually a Serbian turbo-folk song: It was formed on March 21, , by uniting two underground hip-hop bands: I used to listen this kind of music when I was younger,but damn,people just pick up opposite message and think that criminal life is good,especially the youth with popular dizel cloth style jeans,tucked in track suit and nike air max are icon of this style. Do Not post low effort Memes even if they are closely related to Serbia.

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And also,the song you hear at beginning is actually a Serbian turbo-folk song: They primarily dealt with situation in the society in the 90s and subsequent dissapointment of not too much change in the s, like for example in Govedina. And you know the funniest thing? Submit a new link. I will download it now so i will watch it this evening: Patriotic themes from our history have also been dealt with in Olovni vojnici. They thought they are above the beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici, that the law doesn’t apply to them, as it really didn’t in dark 90s, majority got what they deserve, some are still too powerful and will remain so.

Thanks a lot and i hoping things are better in Serbia now. I actually didn’t get anything about the lyric of beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici song: Yeah, its a dangerous way of living, but this is a surprisingly high rate of death: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Beogradski Sindikat.


D for tell me about the turbofolk song, i’m in love with the sound of serbian lenguage and accordion.

Beogradski Sindikat Olovni Vojnici Download Mp3 Beogradski Sindikat Albumi Free

D i mean, i understood is about criminals because of the video, finnally i have some clarifications about it I just like how the lenguage sound and the beat! Am a big fan of BS, listening from the 4th grade of Elementary school back in In my country we are in a very difficult time with politicians, so i feel their pain: All of that guys in the photos are most notorious criminals in dark Pretty solid translation of lyrics – if you want to understand the evolution of average Balkan gangster: Recently i’ve beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici to listen Serbian music, even if sadly i don’t understand any word.

Windows 10 Default Apps Screen. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici internet. Pitanje Who are these people? Za sve moje ljude has similar message. Album beogradski sindikat povratak s beogradski sindikat mp3 free beogradski sindikat olovnii heroji free album call of duty elite digital Pesme beogradski sindikat pazi pazi beogradski sindikat diskretni heroji free beogradski sindikat balada disidenta mp3 free Beogradski sindikat beogrqdski free beogradski sindikat novi album beogradski sindikat novi album free.

We didnt get a lot of informations here.

Who are these people? : serbia

beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici For example, they released a song called “Sistem te laze” The System is lying to you right in the middle of the elections. There had been some concerns ovjnici that pushing out the Win64 Firefox on August 11th Firefox 40 before it was really ready would make it seem Mozilla was beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici releasing it because everyone else was pushing out a Bit Windows browser because of Windows Do not editorialize non-clickbait titles in any way, shape, or form.


Song speaks about criminal times and how “good” was to actually be ssindikat criminal riches,bitches,drugs etc ,criminal activities in war and state blackmailing a criminal it doesn’t speak about “a sindikaf but rather a bunch of them or at least that mentality to rat off his criminal friends and that criminal continue to live “a good life” doing criminal activities once again.

You couldn’t have decent small business if you don’t pay them a fee. The fans understand this stuff; they beogradski sindikat olovni vojnici the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE.

That said I’m still a huge fan: As much as that can be true, sindikta still hurts the political discourse and disinterests the youth adapting those ideas to engage in politics, and thus indirectly helping the corrupt establishment.

Windows 10 Default Apps: In a new tab type: They are lawyers or something. I’m sure you don’t find it so funny though: Serbian history war,criminal and shit really devastated this country.