Out of the two which would recommendfor warming up track. It’s not just a sense of nostalgia. Right up there besides Saturn, in my book anyway; Cheers! Rydubz on October 9, 3: I am looking to get one of these.

urs saturation plugin

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Top 20 Saturation & Distortion Plugins for Electronic Music | Hyperbits

Which sayuration is the most CPU efficient? If you’re looking to take your modern record and give it the old flair of sounding as if it was recorded on tape, there’s no better album to emulate than John Mayer’s Battle Studies. Matt Lindley on January 9, 2: If you can’t find the right amount of saturation, you can always route your signal off to a bus and apply saturation there.

urs saturation plugin

At the end of the day, this plugin is great for subtle drive and weight on a master or group channel. Jay on November 21, 2: You can control the drive and have one EQ option. Perhaps the most saturaton use of a tape saturation plugin is to place it on the master out track to truly emulate mixing down to tape.

16 Of The Best Saturation Plugins In The World

The truth of the matter all boils down to one thing: That is Melohman from Ohmicide Reply. So with that in mind, here are my favorite 20 saturation and distortion tools, paired with a real-mix-example which demonstrates how I might use the plugin.


There is definitely a difference but it’s hard to put your finger on it. Turn up that input gain and listen as your production comes to life. After combining many takes recorded to tape, they became even more obvious. This really is a great plugin. As mentioned above, you can apply them in overdrive urw individual instruments as an obvious distortion effect. Robert on May 15, 9: A favourite with many, Roundtone is a tape emulator with a highly-regarded sound.

urs saturation plugin

We’re going to clear up all the murky waters right now I am looking to get one of these. Hope that answers it!

pligin Tape saturation is not the opaque mystery that the internet makes it out to be. Although it’s less pristine, it adds a subtle dimension to the music.

Tim on May 8, Tryna see if we underestimate most of these free plugs…. Whether or not tape saturation is a pleasing effect is entirely subjective. Even audiophiles have a difficulty nailing down just what that subtle feeling is that separates the new from old. Back when we would record on reel-to-reel tape and could afford the tape!


What is Tape Saturation? Which Are The Best Saturation Plugins?

You can also saturtaion apply it to the master track very lightly to emulate older reel-to-reel recordings. Sounding like the classics may result in you being compared to the classics, which is a great thing for your business. People attribute it to transfers being made from needles and records to digital.

Fab Filter Saturn is the one!

Unique Recording Software – Classic Console Equalizers, Compressors and Channel Strips

By applying the tape saturation to this auxiliary track you can “glue” your drums together, especially after a slight bit of grouped compression. I know this sounds crazy but…no drive, no color, nothing. And there you have it — 20 Saturation Plugins for Electronic Music, and some specific examples as to how to apply them. Head over to Softube’s site to hear some saturration and download it for Windows or Mac.

urs saturation plugin

Comes as Free, regular and Pro versions.