The Moon and Diamonds. There’s no active group currently working it 2. Its a really awesome shounen-ai manga! Kimi ga Naita no Hi! Again thank you very much!

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I love it so much. Derp, I can’t believe I didn’t look into her manga earlier.

Could you please re-up it if it’s not too much trouble? Previous Entry Next Entry. I know enough that I could maybe muddle my through it, or at least give it a try, could you let me know how to find their site?

Thank you for volumes! Hi, I have raws of these 3 and already scanned 2 of faw.

Ugh, I know the troubles of ordering, waiting, blah, blah Though he appears human, Asagi is actually from a long line of dragon lineage, and he can turn himself into a dragon at will.

I’m mo t give you a raw for Sekai No Hate. I just can’t get enough of it! BTW Blueye’s scanlating this title into Spanish it still listed in their active projects. I founf raws for Saboten, also by jo.


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Tags article legacy of the dragon na yeri nicky lee nina jalhae raws random raws request ryu no yuigon silver diamond steel rose the one updates vb rose View my Tags page. I found your journal because of some one-shots I was looking for and I had never imaginated you scanned Dragon.

Ohh, I didn’t see those; they’re good raws. Just please continue to scan it, please?

Ryuu no Yuigon 11 – Read Ryuu no Yuigon 11 Online – Page 1

The last one and Akatsuki no Aria I found okay raws for. So again, thanks a lot! Hope you like, I think it’s pretty funny! Finally decided to try to buy it, and I was lucky enough to find almost the complete tuigon.

But whenever you feel like doing it, just tell me. Legacy Of The Dragon. I think it’s already completely scanlated?

Ryuu no Yuigon 11

I’m way more inclined to pick up Chinese projects because I translate dreadfully slow in Japanese. Thank You so much for sharing. There’s no active group currently working it 2. Ps ryuu no yuigon has raws from vol it was scanlated up to vol 5 and stopped I really hope you consider this thanks!


Arw no Yuigon Manga. Makino-sensei’s work is really addicting! I stopped reading it back when the scans stopped, but I’ll pick it back up to read the rest, and I’ll definitely look into picking it up as a project.

Actually, I have a lot more to request, they all have chinese raws. I hope you will consider this: It’s not a manhwa I can’t translate Korean! Chinese or Japanese raws?

For one, his master looks more like a young woman than anything else; second, for someone so noble, the great Tenran seems far too occupied in having sex with him than anything else!