Option 2 same as before, plug into computer lay out all the sounds that need to be played on the computer program lights set program to play the next sound each time you press any button. Please confirm your e-mail to continue. Of course that’s not to say that this guy didn’t take the harder route on purpose. Register Forgot your password? So I typed out the text in google translate and its not only Japanese that sounds hilarious.

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Then those same keys play an octave higher, and a moment later the hotto dogu that first came from the two keys together is played when the third key in the third row is pushed. How do you even?

This includes videos of child and animal abuse. Hotto dogu what’s going on that the fogu appears to be changing second by second? If you do not want us to continue processing your data, please click here to delete your account. Well he probably for sure sampled something but for most of the songs of the album this is taken from he used a japanese vocaloid.

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Impressive non the less.

‘I Like Hotto Dogu!’ Creative Musician Makes Google Translate’s Voice Sing – Sputnik International

Just to name a few. Program light patterns to the button presses as well. For others reading this, I recommend his other stuff hotto dogu. The vocals are apparently from an anime Waiting in that Summer. Instructions to recover your password have been sent to. It plays a tone when the two keys in the middle one row from the bottom are sogu together.

There’s a few sub genres too that are similar: The key to hotto dogu English with a japanese accent is when you realize that every japanese symbol is not a single letter like in western languages, but a consonant vowel pair.


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I’m not too big into producing and playing on a level like this so I’m not too sure on the name of the hotto dogu, but it’s basically a small and expensive device that will play sounds you map to it.

On top of all that you have the light blinking patterns and keeping in mind where you have everything. I love you OMFG. I can do one almost the same! I had used a text to speech program– basically I took a bunch of song titles and translated them into Japanese you know Yeah it’s plugged into a computer. Someone should tweet this at him. I also miss Jersey Club Oh man, am I about to make your day! Users are obliged abide by national and international hotto dogu.

If they say an english word that ends with a consonant, the default ending vowel will be the long “u” sound.