Oh yeah, we already have a huge list of bugs reported, but I’m working on them as I type here. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. This could be the end of the project, if at any given time an unprotected version wouldn’t have leaked and other map makers had access to this map. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Arcane Mistress Adept at the Ice Spells, she can inflict heavy damage, chill and even completely freeze enemies either near of far from her. Gurkengelee , Feb 7,

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Odo the Trader comes from a famous merchants guild. Zulman the Revenant is the master of the ability to communicate with the dead. Summoner This ancient tamer has stolen the souls of wild creatures, who are now fated to serve him.

His skills can be used to lure, deal damage or even to distract other heroes. This way players can play any amount of matches on the same game. We can’t be sure if the respawn bug was corrected, since enfis a bug that don’t happen often, and didn’t show up in our tests. ChimiChangas Nov 9, Alright, I’ve found the problem!

Enfos Team Survival Ultimate – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

This bundle is marked as approved. Sniper Wielding a rifle crafted by dwarven mastersmiths, the Sniper can fire from a huge distance, dealing great survivzl. Your name or email address: He also can channel this energy into a powerful spell that enfos team survival kill everything around him. Funnily enough, the ennfos update I was working on fixed the bug inadvertently, I’ll try to get it out today.


Taught by the ancient witches of Mer’Kresh, the Warlock can focus his skills to steal energy from enemy heroes and disturb them sugvival combat. Dec 14, After some time updating the map, Enfo was forced to quit the project to give proper time to his graduation in sociology.

One of the Faenrae’s Chieftains, this hero uses the witchcraft learned at Dark Hand, his homeland, to aid him in battle.

Enfo’s Team Survival v – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Each team starts with lives, and each creep leaked through to the base loses 1 life. Once again, thanks for your compliments.

After the match ends, players can stay in the game for the rematches. Skilled at fire spells, the Cabalist was trained in both close combat and in spell casting.

Defender of Chadratu’s Holy Order, the Holy Warrior can unleash the power given by his god to protect his allies, and unleash it upon his foes. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Enfos Team Survival

Oct 17, Updated: Potion of Healing Adept in the troll art of Axe throwing, he is known for being able to behead his enemies in a single throw, but he is more feared for his ability to steal the soul of his slain enemies, and gain a portion of their strength.

Arbelog Paw Boots Out of nowhere, unofficial versions of Enfo’s Team Survival started to be released by many different map makers, from beginners to experienced ones, and some of them got pretty popular, even more than the original version a few to mention are ETS Tournament Edition, ETS Ripped Off, and ETS Remix Nakedbut even those were left behind by their own makers.


This game put me in quite a hype, especially the History part, but when i got down on it, it simply CAN’T be played alone. Chain Heal and Summon Illusion. Join in on a enfos team survival of a 4v4 melee experience! Master of the deadly Lightning Magic, the Evoker can deal a very high amount of damage to enemies that are close to each other. Uthmor’s Mirror Blade Troll Cannibal Adept enfos team survival the troll art of Axe throwing, he is known for being able to behead his enemies in a single throw, but he is more feared for his ability to steal the soul of his slain enemies, and gain a portion of their strength.

Bard Schooled in a wide range of skills and lore, the Bard can really change the tide of a battle by enhancing her partner’s perception and recovering energy of their spellbringer’s. TemplarionSep 1, Nov 26, Messages: